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Kévin Desormeaux, 2021-06-15 18:37

Cooperative Manipulation Planning

Installation process

- Install ROS Melodic
- Install ROS Moveit! and ompl packages
- Create a ROS catkin workspace
- Clone and be on laas_setup branch.
- Clone and Basically these are kinetic repos that do not exist in melodic.
But we can put them in the catkin workspace and it will work fine. It is to avoid compatibility problems with moveit_ompl_planning_interface (if i rememember well) so install them before.
- Clone moveit_ompl_planning_interface. The original repository and documentation can be found here:
However you should clone this repo:
It is the code compatible with ros melodic, dual_arm_worker melodic branch, dual_arm_planning_api etc.
- Clone dual_arm_worker, melodic branch:
Installation tutorial is available here:
However you should skip the moveit_ompl_planning_interface step described in this tutorial and use the package in the step above.
- Finally clone this package, the dual_arm_plannin_api.

You are encouraged however to build the workspace everytime you add a package.

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