Cooperative Manipulation (CM) wiki for dual pandas

This package was originally developed for the PRO-ACT project of the European Space Agency (ESA) where the objective was to develop solutions for Cooperative Manipulation.
Originally the idea was for two mobile manipulators to co-manipulate an object.
More information about the project can be found here:

The Cooperative Manipulation task can be split in two: Planning & Control.
The planning software stack was implemented by reusing the work achieved in the dual-arm-worker project, another LAAS project.
The control part was made from scratch and followed the ROS Control template for the implementation.
You might encounter the following abbreviations: CM2P & CM2P, MP2 . CM2P and CM2C denotes respectively the planning and control parts of the project.
In parallel of the PRO-ACT project, we initially had the MP2 project, a project intern to LAAS. The objective was to implement the solutions developed for PRO-ACT at LAAS (with the panda robots and the mobile robots Manna & Minnie) and not loose this work. However due to the COVID situation and the impossibility to travel, the objectives of PRO-ACT were lowered, and instead of using the two mobile manipulators of the pictures above, it was decided to implement it with the two fixed robotic arms present at LAAS, the pandas. So in practice the PRO-ACT and MP2 project merged.

Table of Contents

  1. Modules description and installation
  2. Franka documentation and operating the Pandas
  3. Network configuration for multi-robots
  4. Planning API functions description
  5. Control API functions description
  6. Videos

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