This project contains a library of some MATLAB-based utility functions.

How to use it?

Clone repository

  1. Clone the repository anywhere
  2. Add the environmental variable MAT_UTILS pointing to the path to this repository.
    Therefore, in your .bashrc, you should have something like
    export MAT_UTILS=$HOME/mat-utils
  3. In your MATLAB code, you can add the following line to include all the functions declared within this project

    or you add that line to the MATLAB startup.m file.

Add it as a git submodule

If a versioning system like git manages your code, the best way to use this library is to include it as a submodule.

Why that? It may be that with time passing, I am going to change a few things here and there, either breaking the compatibility or altering the function declarations.
Why break things? Because this code shall not be taken as perfect, but rather as a work-in-progress that still needs time to mature. Therefore, the best move is to include it in your git project as git submodule so that you are sure to maintain the version you liked and that is still compatible with your work.

To do so, please look at the git documentation related to submodules.

Once included as a submodule, you need always to add it to the MATLAB path.
Please look at the instructions at the end of the previous section.


All the code within this project is provided under the following license file, included in the repository.

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