1. Features

MATAMviz allows to playback MATLAB-based simulations of a multi-rotor Aerial Manipulator in a 3D environment.

1.1. What is an Aerial Manipulator?

An Aerial Manipulator (AM) is a multi-rotor aerial robot equipped with a robotic arm. In this category, also multi-rotor aerial vehicles without any arm can be included, if considered as a degenerative case of the nominal case.

1.2. Instructions

1.2.1. Prerequisites

This code is based on some MATLAB-based utility functions available in the project mat-utils. Please check the guidelines at section "Add to the MATLAB path" in order to let MATLAB find those utility functions.

1.2.2. How to use it

It requires in input the state of the manipulator over time, which is usually the output of a simulation.

The state is composed by the position, attitude, and joint angles of the AM.

Moreover, the code requires knowing the assembly geometry of the AM, such as the position and orientation of each rotor with respect to the main body, and the mounting location and orientation of the robotic arm.

2. TODOs

  • ❏ Provide interface to feed state of the AM to code

  • ❏ Support multi-rotor aerial vehicles with no robotic arm

  • ❏ Provide files for different AMs

  • ❏ Visualize actuator forces

  • ❏ Option to enable/disable robot ref. frames