AVBP Probe plugin

Development roadmap

  • Code cams_avbp/plugins/probe using the AVBP class we already have:
    - cams_avbp/plugins/probe: AVBPProbe to AVBP plugin? Confusion with the AVBPProbe class that reads the h5 files
    - Keep cams_avbp.plugins.AVBPProbe
    - Rename cams_avbp.AVBPProbe to AVBPReader
    - Define sensor samples (using the new system)
    - Emit measurements/samples from the flight_param_callback (gives the pose of the UAV)
    - Reading point measurements required (we already have them)
    - Look at nephelae_mesonh/plugins/ for a reference implementation
  • Define an AVBP (CAMS) map
    - Subclass nephelae.mapping.MapInterface
    - Based on nephelae_mesonh.MesoNHMap for display
    - Reading 2D slices required (xy planes)
    - GPR map can be used as inspiration to manage processing algortihms with AVBP data
  • Make the necessary changes to the Scenario class to support the AVBP plugin
    - Instanciate AVBP plugin
    - Instanciate AVBP maps
    - WARNING: Space and time scales of AVBP are much shorter than those of MesoNH.
    This may require changes to the Graphical Interface
  • Instruct Eliott on how to issue flight plans from code instead of the GUI

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