Running CAMS in hybrid simulation mode

The hybrid simulation mode makes use of real UAVs in a virtual cloud environment.

Ivy bus configuration

Paparazzi is probably running in another computer operated by ENAC staff. You need to set the IVY_BUS environment variable to the network broadcast IP address in order to send and receive IVY messages. Example:

export IVY_BUS=""  # Replace with the appropriate URL

Tip: You can test your configuration with the ivyprobe command to examine the ivy bus. CAMS messages go into the datalink category.

ivyprobe -b '(datalink .*)'  # Subscribe to datalink
ivyprobe -b '(.*)'  # Probe all

Virtual probe settings

For the best results with the adaptive flight patterns check the RCT variable range. The interval [0.00001, 0.001] has been proved to give good results during the Lannemezan 2021-03 campaign. Note that the range is translated to a 0 to 255 value using a logarithmic scale. Example:

        replay: false
        type: 'pprz'
            - MesonhProbe:
                mesonhFiles: *mesonh_files
                mesonhVariables: ['PABST', 'RCT', 'RVT', 'THT', 'TKET', 'WT', ['UT','VT']]
                rctFeedback: True
                defaultRctBounds: [0.00001, 0.001]

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