Scenario configuration tutorial

This page explains how to set up scenario configuration files to run CAMS in the different operation modes.

Field operation

Preparation of the configuration file:
  • Remove maps: of type MesonhMap (i.e. clouds:)
  • Replace data_view: component tag names specific to MesoNH (i.e. 'THT', 'WT', 'RCT') by their real counterparts (i.e. 'humidity')
  • Add some dataviews to process raw sensor data
  • Remove the MesonhProbe plugin from all aircraft

Mixed-reality operation

Virtual operation

Exemple file

Mission replay

Preparation of the configuration file:
  • set aicrafts replay: True

Convert the desired .neph file to .txt using the function NephelaeDataServer.save_ascii(). Use nephelae_utils/ to start the replay.

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