OwnTech - Technology worth sharing

The OwnTech project is dedicated to create an Open-Source technological suit for creating low-cost, reliable and smart decentralized micro-grids. From power electronics to micro-grid expansion simulators, each contribution from OwnTech is structures in open-source sub-projects.

OwnPower - Power best shared

The OwnPower project proposes a series of modular power electronics solutions for low-cost bottom-up micro-grid design, implementation and expansion.

The single-phase converter gives its user a low-cost and down-to-earth simple power converter which has been tested in laboratory tests.

The three-phase converter is a converter-of-all-trades, being capable of handling multiple operating functions. Currently under test, its initial versions will be put online as soon as the tests are done with.

OwnFlow - Let your grid flow

The OwnFlow tool is a planning tool that couples load-flow and cash-flow simulations to give field practitioners a better idea of how to plan the possible expansions of their micro-grids over time.

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