The single-phase project is an open-source power electronics technological suit consisting of a hardware, a firmware and a software parts.
These parts are used together, and their specifications are interdependent.

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For the sake of simplicity, each part will be presented independently in this wiki.


The hardware of the single-phase project consist of a 10cm by 10cm board which hosts five different blocks of electronics components.
Details on each block, their sizing and interconnections is given in the link below.


The firmware of the single-phase project consists of a scheduler program coded in C and compatible with a ATMEL Mega328P micro-controller.

The program can be uploaded onto its micro-controller through a dedicated makefile, which is also provided.
Details of the program are given in the link below.


The Software of the single-phase project consists of a human-machine interface coded in Python and compatible with Linux.
It can communicate with the Firmware through a communication protocol via an USB connection.

Details of the Software are given in the link below.

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