Hazard analysis technique mixing the risk analysis technique HAZOP (Hazard Operability), and the system description language UML (Unified Modelling Language)

  • LaTeX-LAAS

    Thèmes, styles ou autres outils LAAS pour produire des documents LaTeX.

  • mirage

    Mirage is a powerful and modular framework dedicated to the security analysis of wireless communications.

  • move3d

    move3d fork for testing pull-request based software dev. mgmt. in RIS team by few interested PhD students.
    This test may end up by applying this mgmt to the whole dev. of move3d.

    • move3d_facts

      ROS node computing geometric facts based on libmove3d

    • move4d

      Fork of move3d with lots of changes

      • no more libmove3d-hri
      • support for different kind of trajectories
      • plugin based
      • python bindings
      Features not implemented at the moment (and not planned on short-term):
      • GTP
      • ...
  • OwnTech

    OwnTech - Technology worth sharing

    The OwnTech project is dedicated to create an Open-Source technological suit for creating low-cost, reliable and smart decentralized micro-grids. From power electronics to micro-grid expansion simulators, each contribution from OwnTech is structures in open-source sub-projects....

    • OwnPower

      Open-Source multi-purpose power electronics converters

      • single-phase

        A single-phase power board project, containing hardware, firmware and software for this power electronics module.

  • redmine@laas

    Redmine installation at LAAS.

  • ArpAgeFilter

    Utilisation d'arpwatch et ldap pour detecter les trop vielles machines encore déclarées

  • owncloud

    customisations de OwnCloud au LAAS

  • upsmon

    Infrastructure de monitoring appliquée aux onduleurs.

  • bib

    bibliography database

  • LibNoWebsocket

    native stream sockets between C and HTML5

  • pfcalcul

    admin scripts for slurm+docker on a cluster

  • CCC

    Cours de Calculabilité, Combinatoire et Complexité

  • EvacSim
    Script Python pour
    1. 1 Générer des réseaux routiers aléatoires
    2. 2 Simuler des incendies
    3. 3 Générer des plans d'évacuation "crédibles"
    4. 4 Générer des instances du problème d'évacuation dans un format texte pour un modèle CPO
  • LaasTemplate

    Latex Beamer Template

  • PySched

    Python library for resource-constrained scheduling with LaTex outputs

    • GenoM3 Pocolibs Template (Felix version with codel_rusage)

      This is my own branch of the GenoM3 PocoLibs template, which included the codel_rusage code (to get wcet for codels and transition statistics of activity automata).

      Only one branch here codel_rusage

    • GenoM3 ROS Template (Felix version with codel_rusage)

      This is my own branch of the GenoM3 ROS template, which included the codel_rusage code (to get wcet for codels and transition statistics of activity automata).

      Only one branch here codel_rusage

    • GenoM3 Validation and Verification

      GenoM3 templates for Validation and Verification.

    • Mikrokopter Visualisation

      This GenoM3 module reads the pom state port and display a mikrokopter in a running Morse simulation.

    • Minnie

      Just a project to put together various GenoM3 components to get Minnie moving.

      The targeted architecture (functional level) is the one below. All GenoM3 modules are available in the corresponding repositories. For each of them, if available, you need to take the minnie git branch. For the velodyne module, use the genom3_thread branch, which implement all the threads as GenoM3 tasks....


      LAAS Code (GenoM3) for the OSMOSIS show case.

      This project contains all the GenoM3 components needed for the OSMOSIS show case.

      Check the wiki for more information.

      Robot setup

      Below is a drawing from the Wiki (the components with bold name are available as sub-projects)....

    • RobNav

      Project to implement a number of simple GenoM3 modules to "simulate" a navigation loop similar to the one used on Dala/Mana.

      The goal is to play with these modules with Fiacre and BIP templates.

    • V & V

      Just a project place holder for the various V&V templates, tools I work on. Check the subprojects for real code and repository.

  • Frédéric Blanc

    Fred's projects

    • Banc_mesures_DCDC

      Banc de test pour convertisseurs statiques DCDC

    • crwtrms

      Capteur intelligent pour le suivi du réseau électrique

    • ESP32

      SOC (System On a Chip) High Level of Integration Hybrid Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Chip,
      Ultra-Low Power Consumption (Hibernatation mode Current consumption:4.5µA).
      CPU dual-core 32-bit , up to 600 DMIPS and 520 kB SRAM.
      Two SAR ADCs (12bits), with simultaneous sampling and conversion...

    • FPGA_Hyperproto

      pilotage du demo board DLP4100, pour le prototype d'hyperspectroscope

    • IOT DR

      exemple internet des objets faible cout a base d'ESP (firmware Esay Mega), et gestion par jeedom

    • LORA

      LOng RAnge (Wide-Area Network).
      the LoRa Community, a premier platform for IoT (Internet of Things) and M2M (machine to machine) technologists, developers, end users, and solution providers.
      LoRaWAN is a media access control layer protocol for managing communication....

    • MOx Metal Oxide semiconductor gas sensors

      Metal oxide semiconductor gas sensors are utilised in a variety of different roles and industries. They are relatively inexpensive compared to other sensing technologies, robust, lightweight, long lasting and benefit from high material sensitivity and quick response times. They have been used extensively to measure and monitor trace amounts of environmentally important gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide....

    • T_Batt

      Banc de test pour le cyclage de batteries électrochimique

  • m3d-remote-plot

    m3d-remote-plot is a tool written in python, using scipy, which serves as a data visualizer for move3d. It communicates with it through TCP/IP sockets, so it can be used remotely.

  • Matthieu Herrb

    Matthieu's projects

  • GenoM3-UPPAAL

    GenoM3 to UPPAAL and UPPAAL-SMC template

  • SemIoTics

    Autonomic IoT devices manager connected to a knowledge base and ontologies

  • aline

    JULIA Package for the computation of piecewise linear non necessarily continuous functions to approximate or bound non linear continuous fonctions

  • hhsimulateur

    Un simulateur simple pour HyperHolo

  • inFuse

    LAAS internal work related to the h2020 InFuse project

    • infuse_asn1_types
    • infuse-asn1-conversions
    • infuse-novatel-gps-driver
    • infuse-velodyne-genom3
    • infuse-pom-base
    • infuse-pom-crisp
    • infuse-envire
    • infuse-crisp-genom3
    • infuse-pom-tokamak...
  • Nephelae

    All the work / documents / code developed within the Nephelae ANR project (01/2018 - 06/2021)

  • dsaam

    Proof of concept of a time management architecture for building a simulation framework on top of a distributed communication middleware. The software is released under the BSD 2-clause license.
    See file in the repo for more informations.

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