Matthieu Herrb

  • Organization: LAAS-CNRS
  • Registered on: 2013-11-19
  • Last connection: 2019-12-11





18:51 Minnie Revision e12bfda3 (minnie-rmp440): odoAndAsserv: remove unused variable
Matthieu Herrb
18:50 Minnie Revision 6f5ce5c4 (minnie-rmp440): bound_accels: remove unused parameter
Matthieu Herrb
18:37 Minnie Revision 3e0a041c (minnie-rmp440): Copy arrays explicitely.
The previous code was a too quick edit job to add all the explicit
copies from the struct definition.
Matthieu Herrb


16:35 Minnie Revision 6b08e77b (minnie-rmp440): Merge remote-tracking branch 'felix/minnie'
Matthieu Herrb


15:45 owncloud Revision c28e7ae3 [laas] (theme-laas): 2019
Matthieu Herrb
15:38 owncloud Revision a5625576 (theme-laas): Theme LAAS pour owncloud 10.x
Matthieu Herrb


14:22 Minnie Revision e30c5a63 (minnie-rmp440): Not having the ftdi emergency device is not fatal.
This makes it possible to use the simulated rmp440,
or an rmp440 that doesn't have this device.
Note that the normal ...
Matthieu Herrb


15:37 Minnie Revision 091138c5 (minnie-rmp440): Add a "Reconnect" activity to reconnect to the rmp440 controller
This is needed after an emergency stop, or after the robot has
been plugged on the main power.
Matthieu Herrb
15:22 Minnie Revision ddc07f30 (minnie-rmp440): Store the actual device name in the IDS.
This will be needed to be able to reconnect Matthieu Herrb
15:20 Minnie Revision 7da33337 (minnie-rmp440): less white space
Matthieu Herrb

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