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Aerial Robotics Testbed Project administrator 2023-03-27
dynamixel Project administrator, Developer 2022-09-06
dxsim-gazebo Project administrator, Developer 2022-09-06
libdynamixel Project administrator, Developer 2022-09-06
matlab Project administrator, Developer 2023-07-13
MATAMviz Project administrator 2023-07-13
mat-utils Project administrator 2023-07-13
bib Developer 2019-09-15
NMPC for Human Aerial Handover Project administrator 2022-02-22
Visual and Physical Control Architecture for Flying End-Effector Project administrator 2021-06-30
Multi Agent NMPC for Active Information Acquisition Developer 2022-02-28
Perceptive and torque-control NMPC Developer 2022-02-28
Gianluca Corsini Homepage Project administrator 2023-11-16



16:40 Gianluca Corsini Homepage by-nc-nd.png
License BY-NC-ND Gianluca Corsini
16:39 Gianluca Corsini Homepage gcorsini.jpg
My photo in 2023 Gianluca Corsini


15:03 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision e63454e1 [main] (gcorsini-webpage): Use center alignment in keywords table
Additionally, the cells are now listed row-wise, thus each row contains one cell. Gianluca Corsini
14:59 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision 06dc3248 (gcorsini-webpage): Rearrange keywords table
Increase number of columns (3-->5) Gianluca Corsini
14:56 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision 3f721543 (gcorsini-webpage): Add keywords to main page
These keywords were originally listed in the redmine project overview (where they are removed and moved to here). Gianluca Corsini


16:47 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision fb6fcc1f (gcorsini-webpage): [AIRPHARO2021 conf] Update electromagnet schematics
Remove arduino logo from dc/dc converter, rearrange better some labels, slightly modify some arrows. Gianluca Corsini
16:37 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision 9daecf4b (gcorsini-webpage): Add minor changes to the part related to the projects in MATLAB
Gianluca Corsini
16:35 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision accd0645 (gcorsini-webpage): Change toc title and depth (increased to 4)
Gianluca Corsini


18:24 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision 92ededd9 (gcorsini-webpage): Update main.adoc
Add some more details about my other projects Gianluca Corsini
18:22 Gianluca Corsini Homepage Revision aba496b9 (gcorsini-webpage): [AIRPHARO2021 conf] Add some details about the hardware
Add information about the gripper device. Gianluca Corsini

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