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18:39 Minnie Revision ff7ceb55 (minnie-gps): [u-blox] Implement RTCM messages reception
Also enable RXM-RTCM output message to validate processing. Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano
17:50 Minnie Revision 8dfa4587 (minnie-gps): [u-blox] Enforce RTK-fixed solutions if possible
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano
17:44 Minnie Revision cb47c0b9 (minnie-gps): [u-blox] Set measurement rate to the max: 20Hz
The device might not be able to achieve this, though. But it will not complain
and stream at the fastest rate it can.
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano
17:19 Minnie Revision b0cc6ef6 (minnie-gps): [u-blox] Implement decoding of solution information (NAV_PVT)
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano
16:15 Minnie Revision e0f9f92b (minnie-gps): [u-blox] Power saving is disabled on USB, so one cannot change it
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano


18:40 Drone V&V Revision 61b53d67 (drone-v-v-optitrack): Add an max_fps attribute limiting the publishing rate
The publishing frequency is determined by the hardware settings, but it can now
be limited to an upper bound. This is...
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano


11:07 Drone V&V Revision fc9a73d9 (drone-v-v-optitrack): Add set_gps_mode attribute
set_gps_mode() prevents the bodies orientation to be published, in order to
emulate a GPS device.
Antonio Enrique Jimenez Cano

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