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OwnTech Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17
OwnFlow Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17
OwnPower Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17
ControlBoard Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17
PowerBoard Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17
single-phase Developer, Reporter 2020-01-17



17:40 OwnTech Revision 17d60a79 [Iakovos] (owntech-h2ai): Open loop - Final code
UART Configurated to be user friendly. No measurement from ADC/SPI. Iakovos Kyriakos


13:56 OwnTech Revision e1fcda9f (owntech-h2ai): Recommit
Iakovos Kyriakos
13:38 OwnTech Revision c7040e06 (owntech-h2ai): Ratio algorithm complete -- To be tested
The algorithm now calculates maximum Vac (line to neutral) that can be
created from SPWM considering Vdc. So now, th...
Iakovos Kyriakos


16:43 OwnTech Revision 8bb7a41f (owntech-h2ai): Saturated PWM Module for safe operation
Last test in Strathclyde University. PWM Duty cycle is saturated at
value of 90% and min value of 10% to avoid dead t...
Iakovos Kyriakos


11:39 OwnTech Revision c60db25b (owntech-h2ai): UART/:RS-485 Working code (only short distance tested)
Uart replaces ADC module. Instead of potentiometer we send the reference
frequency through Uart/RS-485
Iakovos Kyriakos


21:31 OwnTech Revision 135b668f (owntech-h2ai): Functional variable frequency code - not clean
In this commit, the PWM and the ADC module for frequnecy potentiometer
work. Code needs to be cleaned and I have to a...
Iakovos Kyriakos


19:13 OwnTech Revision 0cb1152c (owntech-h2ai): Added ReadMe file - Updated VperHz_PU simulation
Iakovos Kyriakos


20:13 OwnTech Revision edaf9641 (owntech-h2ai): Added .m file for calc
Iakovos Kyriakos


20:09 OwnTech Revision 5d597d21 (owntech-h2ai): Uploading my simulations - Testing git
Iakovos Kyriakos
19:42 OwnTech Revision af7b0652 (owntech-h2ai): Name of file changed - Test
Iakovos Kyriakos

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