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redmine@laas Project administrator 2013-11-19
global_permissions Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_git_hosting Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_gollum Project administrator 2014-05-20
redmine_ldap_sync Project administrator 2022-06-09
redmine_theme_changer Project administrator 2022-06-09
Anthony Mallet Project administrator 2013-12-06
teensyshot Project administrator 2022-02-09
dynamixel Project administrator 2022-09-06
dxsim-gazebo Project administrator 2022-09-06
libdynamixel Project administrator, Developer 2021-03-09
matlab Project administrator 2023-07-18
bib Developer 2015-02-11
Karl_Suss_AP6 Project administrator 2021-11-26
Karl_Suss_AP6_console Project administrator 2022-02-21
Kicad PCB KSAP6 Project administrator 2023-09-26
PCB_Module_KON Project administrator 2024-02-13
Jérôme Truc Developer 2021-03-01
Matlab_projects Developer 2015-04-07



16:59 redmine_gollum Revision 8ecb3f7f [master] (redmine_gollum): Use text_data to retrieve the raw_data of a page
This forces the encoding to UTF-8. For some reason, some pages (on old
repositories ?) are retrieved as 8bit ascii in...
Anthony Mallet
14:57 redmine@laas Revision a0bad807 [laas] (redmine): Don't change default theme layout for tabs
Not sure why this was changed as the result is quite similar to the default
theme. And it fails to properly display t...
Anthony Mallet
12:15 redmine@laas Revision cd51d138 (redmine): Merge branch 'master' into laas
Anthony Mallet
12:09 redmine@laas Revision a615d24e [master] (redmine): Import 5.1.2
5.1.2 (2024-03-04)
[Activity view]
Defect %39995: Project Activities and Roadmap views disclose presence of priv...
Anthony Mallet


15:10 redmine_git_hosting Revision 0629d301 [master] (redmine_git_hosting): Sync with redmine-5.1.1
Anthony Mallet
15:05 redmine_gollum Revision e0eda82a (redmine_gollum): Fix for gollum-lib >= 6
default_ref was changed to a list in gollum-lib-6 and cannot be used as
before. Instead, pass a hash with a nil ref t...
Anthony Mallet
12:22 redmine@laas Revision 2ce7fe14 (redmine): Fix merge glitch
Anthony Mallet
12:21 redmine@laas Revision 42f3e7ac (redmine): Don't require 'rouge >= 4'
rouge-4.2 conflicts with gollum-lib which wants rouge-3. Anthony Mallet
11:47 redmine@laas Revision 8d1b4c4b (redmine): Merge branch 'master' into laas
Anthony Mallet
11:34 redmine@laas Revision 1ce6f7f1 (redmine): Import 5.1.1
5.1.1 (2023-11-27)
Defect %39437: MySQL / MariaDB issue nested set deadlocks and consistency
Anthony Mallet

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