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11:02 GenoM3 Pocolibs Template (Felix version with codel_rusage) Revision 48960900 (genom3-pocolibs-felix): Fix potentially uninitialized variable
Anthony Mallet
10:51 Minnie Revision 958a891c (minnie-pom): Release 3.2
Anthony Mallet


11:51 Minnie Revision 4688370f (minnie-pom): Merge skeleton 2.99.35
* Require GNU-make.
* Dependencies go to _LIBADD instead of _LDFLAGS.
Anthony Mallet


14:00 GenoM3 Pocolibs Template (Felix version with codel_rusage) Revision 60f44865 (genom3-pocolibs-felix): Release 1.16
Anthony Mallet


12:10 Minnie Revision 0fb01bf6 (minnie-pom): Use the same scaling factor for the error quaternion as in the ref. paper
The scaling factor for the MRP error quaterion is set as f = 2(a+1) in the
reference implementation paper. Since we u...
Anthony Mallet
11:55 Minnie Revision 81afee8a (minnie-pom): Don't normalize magnetometer measurements
Normalizing the magnetometer measurements implies to properly transform the
covariance matrix with the normalization ...
Anthony Mallet


14:43 Minnie Revision 154ef987 (minnie-pom): Add magnetometer as a measurement source
Magnetometer measurements are passed as a 3D vector in the "intrinsic attitude"
field of the pom_estimator_state stru...
Anthony Mallet
14:36 Minnie Revision 72c6a4e3 (minnie-pom): Add missing comma (merge skeleton)
Anthony Mallet


18:52 Minnie Revision 0d14ea54 (minnie-pom): Release 3.1
Anthony Mallet
18:47 Minnie Revision d6a75bc3 (minnie-pom): Make sure to use an eigen-aligned allocator in the std::multiset history
Anthony Mallet

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