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redmine@laas Project administrator 2013-11-19
global_permissions Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_git_hosting Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_gollum Project administrator 2014-05-20
redmine_ldap_sync Project administrator 2022-06-09
redmine_theme_changer Project administrator 2022-06-09
Anthony Mallet Project administrator 2013-12-06
teensyshot Project administrator 2022-02-09
bib Developer 2015-02-11
Karl_Suss_AP6 Project administrator 2021-11-26
Matlab_projects Developer 2015-04-07



16:39 redmine@laas Revision 2172dda2 [laas] (redmine): Fix quick search alignment
Anthony Mallet
15:36 redmine@laas Revision 6afa066c (redmine): Merge branch 'master' into laas
Anthony Mallet
15:35 redmine@laas Revision 9ec24b62 [master] (redmine): Import 5.0.3
5.0.3 (2022-10-02)
[Code cleanup/refactoring]
Defect %37609: Remove obsolete remnant public/images/openid-bg.gif...
Anthony Mallet


22:39 redmine_ldap_sync Revision 2f31979f [laas] (redmine_ldap_sync): Add a rake task to synchronize only one user
Anthony Mallet
21:47 redmine@laas Revision 9b229c5f (redmine): Increase user.lastname limit to 255
This matches the database column length:
PR http...
Anthony Mallet
19:27 redmine_ldap_sync Revision c5e968e8 (redmine_ldap_sync): For some reason, 'logger' is not available here. Use Rails.logger.
Anthony Mallet
19:07 redmine_ldap_sync Revision 1eaa2bd1 (redmine_ldap_sync): Fix reporting of error in sync_user_fields
The use of obsolete 'error' method prevented from tracing an actual error when
syncing user fields.
Anthony Mallet


11:22 redmine@laas Revision 29ff5d80 (redmine): Merge branch 'master' into laas
Anthony Mallet
11:20 redmine@laas Revision d34ad108 (redmine): Import 5.0.2
5.0.2 (2022-06-21)
[Email notifications]
Defect %37138: Mentions of users with "@" in their username
Patch %...
Anthony Mallet


18:40 redmine_theme_changer Revision 835de578 [laas] (redmine_theme_changer): Fix compatibility with multiple plugins
Anthony Mallet

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