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10:41 redmine@laas Revision e62b0b2b [laas] (redmine): Merge branch 'master' into laas
Anthony Mallet
10:34 redmine@laas Revision 2b68698d [master] (redmine): Import 4.0.4
4.0.4 (2019-06-10)
Defect %31125: Don't output ImageMagick version information to stdout
Anthony Mallet


18:46 Minnie Revision 66427e69 (minnie-gps): Release 1.1
Anthony Mallet
18:35 Minnie Revision 23c192ed (minnie-gps): Fix 0-initialization of ublox message (this code is WIP anyway)
Anthony Mallet
18:25 Minnie Revision 576e3ec1 (minnie-gps): Update the example RTCM messages sent by the base station
* Change the period of 1004 and 1012 to 3s
* Change the period of MSM5 to 2s
* Add a GPS MSM4 for older devices that ...
Anthony Mallet
16:58 Minnie Revision c85f8fdc (minnie-gps): Implement reception of RTK corrections in the Novatel driver
Encapsulate RTCM messages in a binary Novatel header and send that. This is
barely documented, but there is a note th...
Anthony Mallet
16:54 Minnie Revision 2670a5d8 (minnie-gps): Fix Novatel timeout when sending bad messages
The novatel_ack_msg() would block infinitely when receiving valid message but
no ACK to a previous command.
Fix by r...
Anthony Mallet


14:36 Anthony Mallet Wiki edit: Wiki (#2)
Anthony Mallet
14:35 Anthony Mallet Wiki edit: Wiki (#1)
Anthony Mallet


11:46 redmine@laas Wiki edit: Upgrade (#6)
Update apache passenger conf file name Anthony Mallet

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