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Aerial Robotics Testbed Project administrator 2023-03-27
redmine@laas Project administrator 2013-11-19
global_permissions Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_git_hosting Project administrator 2014-01-21
redmine_gollum Project administrator 2014-05-20
redmine_ldap_sync Project administrator 2022-06-09
redmine_theme_changer Project administrator 2022-06-09
Anthony Mallet Project administrator 2013-12-06
teensyshot Project administrator 2022-02-09
dynamixel Project administrator 2022-09-06
dxsim-gazebo Project administrator 2022-09-06
libdynamixel Project administrator, Developer 2021-03-09
matlab Project administrator 2023-07-18
bib Developer 2015-02-11
Karl_Suss_AP6 Project administrator 2021-11-26
Karl_Suss_AP6_console Project administrator 2022-02-21
Kicad PCB KSAP6 Project administrator 2023-09-26
Jérôme Truc Developer 2021-03-01
Matlab_projects Developer 2015-04-07



13:58 redmine_gollum Revision 95da3927 [master] (redmine_gollum): Avoid going directly to 'edit' mode when a non existent wiki page is accessed
For users that have write permission in a wiki, viewing a non-existent page
will render an empty page with a warning,...
Anthony Mallet
13:58 redmine_gollum Revision ffec6063 (redmine_gollum): Drop useless code
Anthony Mallet
13:57 redmine_gollum Revision b23122dc (redmine_gollum): Clean any temporary clone when the parent project is deleted
Anthony Mallet
13:55 redmine_gollum Revision 17e1fdee (redmine_gollum): Add a setting to clean temporary clones after a number of days
If the temporary clone is not modified for the configured number of days, it
will be deleted after the next (read) ac...
Anthony Mallet
13:49 redmine_gollum Revision e43dafa0 (redmine_gollum): Clone temporary repositories in a path ending with a .git extension
This is cleaner where a project have both a repository and subproject,
otherwise the hierachy would be created inside...
Anthony Mallet


15:37 redmine_gollum Revision 23cde1d1 (redmine_gollum): Add missing file
Anthony Mallet
15:34 redmine_gollum Revision 3b98f219 (redmine_gollum): Add an optional reference to retrieve pages from (e.g. branch name)
This matches the corresponding gollum-lib option. Anthony Mallet


18:31 Site policy Wiki edit: Privacy (#2)
Typo Anthony Mallet
18:10 Site policy Wiki edit: Privacy (#1)
Anthony Mallet
18:12 redmine@laas Revision ea8bf84d [laas] (redmine): Add a link to the privacy policy of the instance
The actual privacy policy is expected to be in the 'site-policy' project,
in a wiki page called 'privacy'.
Anthony Mallet

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